The Unspoken Buffet Rule a Southerner Never Breaks

Most of the time, we take things nice and slow down here. A walk around the neighborhood is a languid, lazy saunter; and the express lane at Publix isn’t guaranteed to move quickly because sometimes you just have to catch up with the cashier. For many of us, our leisurely pace is a point of regional pride. It’s a declaration of that highest ideal of savoring time, rather than rushing it along. But there’s one place that our celebration of slow-moving ways takes a back seat to efficiency and speed: The buffet line.

When it comes to the buffet, we are a people who move it along. Whether we’re enjoying a church potluck, dinner at a friend’s house, or the neighborhood meat-and-three, we’ve got the art of the buffet down to a science—and keeping things moving is our top priority. Here’s how to avoid backing up the buffet line (and the cutting stares of the hungry folks standing behind you).

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