Chick fil-A Breaks Rules for Boy with Brain Tumor, Makes Surprise Hospital Delivery on a Sunday

Everybody knows that Chick fil-A stores are closed on Sundays. But when a very sick young boy needed his nugget fix last weekend, a Chick fil-A in Temple, Texas, didn’t hesitate to throw out the rule book.

Danny Agee had been in the hospital since early Saturday morning, when a grand mal seizure lead to the discovery of a three-centimeter tumor in his brain. On Easter Sunday, the night before his scheduled brain surgery, Danny got word from his doctor that he could eat “whatever he wanted” for dinner. Chick fil-A was an easy choice for the youngster, but there was a problem. It was a Sunday.

Danny’s dad Joey recalled in a heartfelt Facebook post how he and his wife Mandy had to remind their son that it was Sunday, which meant Chick fil-A would be impossible.

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